A scammer has created a fake youtube account here and is attempting to make people send SHIB to their wallet address as detailed at shibdrop.com. Shibdrop.com is 100% a scam. You should never ever give your SHIB away to anyone asking for it on a website.

The shibdrop.com website which is provided in the youtube video suggests that you should send SHIB to the following address: 0x61C4E6ec87736bB6C57BAeb0f7A15C0Be0462D89 DO NOT DO THIS!

The above address is a hacker and you will never get anything back.

Thankfully, as of the time of this report (2021/10/10 – 1:45am Pacific time), there is no indication that the above address has received any SHIB coins yet. You can verify by going here:


The hacker also appears to have an ETH wallet as well. You can see that here https://etherscan.io/address/0x61C4E6ec87736bB6C57BAeb0f7A15C0Be0462D89

The following addresses and URLs are also SCAMS: Do not visit them!


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